We all make fun of Dad Jokes and Dad Humor and, you know, dads in general, but listen – it’s really, really hard not to laugh at them when they’re really in Dad Mode.

If you love hearing the jokes about fatherhood from the dudes living it, these 13 tweets are going to be right up your alley.

13. We all have our lines in the sand.

Some of us are willing to do more than others, obviously.

12. That’s gotta kill at least 20 minutes of your day.

Six donuts is a lot, though. All things considered.

11. That lesson will definitely stick with them.

I’ve threatened to divorce my husband for less.

10. Yeah go ahead and take the good vacation.

That will serve him better in the long run.

9. Oh my god that’s hilarious.

And awful, but also funny.

8. What is so endlessly fascinating about light switches?

Other than the fact that we scream at them to stop, I mean?

7. This thing called life is a series of cruel jokes.

If there is a higher power, I have some questions.

6. Buy some Magic Erasers and you’ll never freak out again.

You will be freakishly calm. At least about marks on your house.

5. They will find you with their questions.

Just get an Alexa and turn the job over to her.

4. Not even your parents will love you.

Social media is for everyone, remember. Except for TikTok. That’s for the youths.


3. Welp, he called that one.

Don’t tell her I said that.

2. One day they will for sure find this.

They might need therapy after but it’s funny.


1. Just keep looking cute, kiddo.

I’m sure a nice family will come along soon.

I’m giggling even though I kind of hate myself for it!

Which of these got you laughing in spite of yourself? Tell us in the comments!