We could all use a little more zen these days, if you ask me, and if scrolling through a list of memes that remind us we’re not alone gets it done for parents, more power to us.

These 13 memes should make it a bit easier to breathe in and breathe out, so go ahead and give them a look.

13. As long as they can’t move their arms.

Function over beauty.

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12. Remember, this is what you wanted.

Someday it will be worth it.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

11. You don’t know until you know.

And then your heart is in your throat.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

10. It’s a pipe dream, my friends.

Maybe one day. Right when you start to miss it.

Image Credit: Reddit

9. Maybe just a bit.

She’ll still tell you she’s not wet, though.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

8. Then you keep walking because it’s just. not. worth it.

Seriously, it’s not.

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7. This is no lie.

It makes you want to give up.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

6. They will happily go about their day.

Until bedtime, when they will demand a snack.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

5. Every. Single. Night.

Just anticipate it and give up.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

4. You gotta show them who’s boss.

No weakness.

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3. You’ve never eaten so many apples in your life.

Can’t let them spoil.

2. Who among us has not been there.

On both sides of the scenario.

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1. Spoiler alert: they have no idea.

What’s a shoe?

Image Credit: Bored Panda

Take a deep breath, and remember to unclench your jaw, my friends.

We can do this together!