There are definitely some internet fads that have come and gone that we can definitely live without.

Others, though, seem to stick around – mostly because they deserve it.

I’m really enjoying the whole “how it started” vs. “how it’s going challenge, no matter the content…but I gotta say, seeing a bunch of happy, adorable pets is the highlight of my day.

14. So much for the Halloween sloth.

That dog’s guilty face is killing me.

13. Look at those ears.

They tell the whole story, don’t you think?

12. Poor baby.

That mustache is everything.

11. They look like hell hounds.

I bet they’re so sweet, though.

10. Those ears!

That tongue! Argh!

9. Have you ever seen a more content kitteh?

Or a stranger human?

8. Our babies grow up so fast.

Before you know it, they’re gone.

7. His nose has only gotten more boopable.

And will continue to do so, I assume.

6. Still besties.

And that gray one still looks crazy!

5. I love that they kept them together.

They protected each other on the streets!

4. I cannot with that puppy.

And now he’s a bat boy (dog?)!

3. That messy little baby face.

What a beauty.

2. That took a lot of work.

Tiny little kitters.

1. I bet he earns his keep.

No mouse at Downing Street.

Each of these people deserves some kind of award, I swear!

Although having an awesome animal friend is honestly reward enough.