Most of the time when people decide to have children, they imagine the other half of their partnership being a happy participant, a loving partner, for the duration.

We all know that’s not really the way life works a lot of the time, though, so we all have to hope instead that the people we decide to have children with will also decide to put those children first if the relationship doesn’t work out.

These 8 parents are in the thick of parenting with an ex-partner, and there’s here to dish on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

8. Sometimes that doesn’t translate.

They can love their kids and have love for you, but not love you.

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7. Money can definitely be touchy.

Those poor babies deserve the best.

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6. You need two partners that want to get along.

Whatever the motivation.

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5. At least he makes you laugh.

That’s better than some reactions I’ve seen.

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4. This doesn’t sound very mature.

And honestly, it doesn’t sound very healthy either.

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3. Sometimes it all works out for the best.

Or at least as good as it can be when it doesn’t go as planned.

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2. It’s so hard when you have to share your kids with someone you don’t trust.

I can’t imagine anything harder, to be honest.

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1. This is the best of both worlds.

For the adults in the situation and the kids.

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It’s not easy, but when your kids turn out happy and healthy, it will all be worth it.

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