There are too many great things about parenthood to name, and way to many feelings to talk about or try to pin down in a quick post. The full human experience contains multitudes, but lucky for all of us who have decided to tackle parenthood, there’s one thing that’s true about kids across the board – they’re hilarious.

These moms are having great days, because they’ve got something to tweet about that everyone wants to hear – funny kid stories.

And now we’re gonna share them with you. So let’s go get some laughs!

11. One more question? I don’t believe that.

And here we go for hours…

10. Leg nipples?

Yes, leg nipples.

9. That’s definitely one thing adults do.

And ok it is pretty fun.

8. He’s not wrong.

These are deep thoughts, people!

7. Bless his heart.

That is not the way to happiness, friend.

6. Asking the important questions.

They’re cool, but not that cool.

5. Wow. That’s a truth bomb.

Honesty is not always the best policy.

4. Why do they do this??

And why is it so dang funny every time?

3. Hey, man, it happens to the best of us.

I’m sure those people on the call have done it, too.

2. What do you even say to that?

Sometimes you just have to concede.

1. It’s gonna be the other way around, bucko.

Just you wait and see.

These kinds of posts make me so happy! Kids are hilarious and I love them for it.

Share more funny kid moments with me in the comments, please!