Have you noticed that there seem to be more and more entitled people in the world? Maybe that’s not true, but now we have the internet and so we hear about the entitled people everyone else runs into on a daily basis.

Either way, there’s no denying after reading this teacher’s screenshots that dealing with parents is now officially a worse part of teaching than dealing with kids.

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It begins with a parent demanding an explanation for their child failing, when the teacher’s job is to teach and everything.

They end with a threat to go above her head if the answer is not satisfactory.

The teacher, Ms. Jackson, replies with all of her previous attempts to contact parent and child, and with a reminder that her job is to teach, and she does not have the ability to wake up said child and make sure they’re in front of a computer and prepared to learn.

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Then, the parent goes off on a weird tangent about how it’s somehow “inappropriate” for the teacher to have contacted her husband, the child’s father, when the mother could or would not respond to messages.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound real… but it is!

Read on…

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She then informs the teacher that she either needs to call every time her daughter is not logged on but is supposed to be, and in lieu of that, should come to the house and make sure she’s logged on and in school.

Laughable. This teacher is surely laughing.

And so are we. Because… come on.

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We end with insults and veiled threats, which is always the way to get an educator on your team.

Bye Felicia!

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I was glad the teacher handled this the way they did… but why on earth would anybody go to these lengths? It’s sooooo pointless. Ugh.

You know what’s cool? My job no longer requires me to deal with parents on the daily. And for that, I am truly thankful.

Don’t be like this lady. Appreciate your teachers, people!

Alright, that’s my take… but I want to know yours! Drop us a comment and share your thoughts!