Owning and operating a corner lemonade stand is pretty much a staple of American childhood. Of course, it’s also when most of us learn how hard it is to make a buck on your own, because no one really wants watered down lemonade made by kids, even if it does only cost a quarter.

I can only assume that goes double when you figure in a global pandemic, so props to the kids still hustling out there – like eleven-year-old Cartier Carey.

Even better? He’s not out there hustling for himself.


Cartier lives in Hampton, Virginia, where he and his four younger siblings – and some friends – started a lemonade stand back in July with the goal of donating profits to single months who are struggling during these trying times.

They’ve documented the process on Instagram, using @kids4change757, so please, give them a follow.


As you can see from the pictures, they’ve diversified their offerings to include candy and other snacks, too, which is extra smart, since packaging can be easily wiped off.

Not to mention that we all seriously need chocolate these days.


They’ve helped raise more than $4500 in just a couple of weeks, providing single moms with clothes, wipes, diapers, and other essential items for homeless people.

Every night when the lemonade stand closes, Cartier and his family take the money to the store, where they buy items that they then donate or hand out at local parks.

People in the neighborhood are thankful, with one woman stopping to tell Cartier that he’s “an amazing young man and you’re gonna go far.”

The boy’s efforts have made national headlines, too, as Cartier has been given an award by a local television station and also invited to appear on Live with Kelly and Ryan.”


On the show, he said “I just wanted to raise money and spread awareness about single mothers that are struggling during this pandemic. They’re doing everything on their own, so I just decided to help.”

Keep on, my young friend.

Millions of adults in the world could definitely learn from your example!