I love love love when parents are not only super handy with tools, but who also take the time to put that talent to use to build something amazing for their kiddos.

Like, we can all buy cute stuff at the store, or even shellout the big bucks to nab something adorably custom on Etsy, but to use what little free time you have to build your child something with your own two hands – I just love it.

And this custom, pink Jeep bed, built by father Thomas Passmore, is one of the cutest things ever.

Did I mention it’s pink?

And it matches the rest of her decor perfectly, but that’s not even the best part.

The thing has working headlights that function as nightlights, and a ladder that helps her climb into it…so it’s like a bunk bed for one.

He built it himself, from scratch, and all from wood that he lugged home from the store.

It sports real tires, and he had to do the whole thing out in his shed so he could keep it a surprise until the big reveal.

I hope he did it in the spring or fall, at least, so he wasn’t freezing or sweating his way through the process.

To top off the rest of the awesomeness, there’s a purple light underneath the car that flashes in time with the beat of the music (yes, it comes complete with a radio!).

Just listen to this! I love Kesha! And really, who doesn’t?

Have you ever taken on a project like this to make one of your littles happy?

If it worked out great (or if it didn’t), please share the details with us in the comments!