All families, like all people, have their quirks, and their secrets. Most of them are harmless, or even funny, but it can definitely be jarring to realize that what you thought was happening in everyone’s homes were only happening in yours.

These 18 people have some pretty amusing tales of the moment they had that very revelation.

18. I bet they were a little sad, too.

A Christmas mouse sounds lovely.

17. I’m sorry, what?

I can’t even figure this out.

16. At least they were all in it together?

Being lonely at night is the worst.

15. Really she didn’t want to take you.

This is too funny.

14. Talk about going straight to the worst option.

When you don’t have time to mess around with your kids.

13. Wow.

I mean…maybe just buy a television cabinet?

12. My future kids are going to write this.

I’m trying to figure out how to undo it in time for preschool.

11. A girl has no first name.

This isn’t that strange, though, comparatively.

10. First of all, the Smurfs are Communist.

Second of all, it turns out stockpiling dry goods isn’t a bad idea.

9. We all have our priorities.

Popcorn isn’t the worst thing.

8. I mean I get the concept.

But I also like to go places.

7. Going to start this tradition in my own house.

Because why would I not?

6. A family of witches, to be sure.

I approve.

5. The lengths moms went to to avoid cursing.

Who has the time?

4. It depends on the sandwich.

Bologna needs butter.

3. How did those kids not have nightmares forever?

I’m going to have nightmares forever now.

2. How many times did they try it before they refused?

Too many, I’m thinking.

1. This is a fantastic idea.

Tasting spoons!

Everyone has a few of these stories, right?

Please, do tell us yours in the comments!