All families have their peculiar traditions. We all have likes and dislikes, inclinations, and ways that we make each other laugh when no one else can – and sometimes, we don’t realize that everyone won’t “get it” until we start spending time with other families outside our own.

These 15 people definitely had moments like that, and I’ve gotta say, they were probably as hilarious as they were shocking.

15. Why were they eating rice so fast?

Why would you not just slow down?

14. My family still does this.

We are all extremely resistant to changing, too!

13. Definitely not a bad thing.

Though I see how it could weird someone out.

12. Just to…prepare?

Reflect? I need some more information, please.

11. I remember that term so it had to have come from somewhere!

10. They should do those things, though.

Why would you not?

9. That does not sound appetizing.


8. That sounds like fun.

I’m getting warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

7. Where did this come from?

Another language?

6. The lies go so deep!

Generations of kids made to drink milk!

5. Worried about how many women were taught their vag was called Mary.

That’s my mom’s name!

4. The Rapture part is a bit strange.

Having an escape plan definitely is not.

3. Pretty sure that’s illegal.

But it’s also pretty funny.

2. So glad this way of thinking is dying.

At least, I hope it is.

1. I guess that’s…nice?


I’m trying to figure out what would have qualified for me; perhaps I’ve blocked it out.

What was the thing you thought was normal until you realized it wasn’t? Regale us with the tale in the comments!