Okay, okay, so it sounds like a sweet thing to say to a small child (unless you have more than one small child, and then, ouch), but if you’re someone who believes that your marriage and partner should come first – and that modeling that for your children is important – it’s not so much.

Now, I can’t say for sure that’s why this woman got so angry after overhearing what Dad thought was a nice thing to say and nothing more, but it could explain it?

He’s logged on to Am I The A**hole to be judged by a jury of random internet strangers, though, so here goes his story:

AITA for saying “I love you more than anything” to my daughter in front of my wife
byu/iloveyoumprethanany inAmItheAsshole

People are pretty split on this one, and it’s easy to see why.

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That said, most people are coming down on the side of NTA (Not-The-A**hole) for this poor sap.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Personally, I think his wife was feeling super emotional for some reason (which is fine) and that he’s kind of a dick for calling her an irrational 3yo in the original post, but otherwise, this will blow over and they’ll both see that it was a silly thing to argue about eventually.

Do you agree? Not? Please share your reasons with us in the comments!