There are so many ways to amuse children that just wouldn’t be funny to adults. It’s one of the most charming things about them, and honestly, there are more than a few days a month when it makes me feel pretty good just to know I can make someone else laugh.

Even if he can’t really talk yet.

This dad – a British musician named Trevor Newnham, amused himself and his kids by crafting a pretty realistic-looking, and honestly fairly creepy, face on his bearded chin.

Image Credit: Caters

It basically looks like there’s a small gremlin on the floor of their living room when his wife, Sarah O’Shea (also an artist), called the kids in to see.

They are completely delighted, giggling and laughing, but idk y’all. I would have gotten a broom and beat the sh*t out of that thing.

Image Credit: Caters

Especially once I learned that it likes Cheetos. No one eats Cheetos in my house but me.

Mom feeds it snacks, the kids laugh, and for a while, I’m sure it seemed as if all was right with the world.

Image Credit: Caters

It’s kind of nice now that we have extra time on our hands, don’t you think? Otherwise, how would a grown man think to use his bearded face to create a small rodent-creature and get his kids to feed him Cheetos instead of keeping them for themselves?

If you think about it that way, this pretend thing might be less creepy and more ingenious.

I’m not sure – what do you think? Would your kids love this? Run away screaming?

You’ll definitely want to give your wife a head’s up, though, before she runs your rodent-chin right out of the house.