There are so many stories about kids seeing or hearing things that aren’t there, or knowing things they really couldn’t, that I think most of us have accepted that it’s one of two things: they’re either reincarnated, they can see ghosts, or they just talk out of their butts most of the time.

While the latter could certainly be true, there are stories that make you really consider one of the former options.

Like this one, where a little girl who pointed to the “bad man” in a dark corner of her room.

When her mother turned to look, the lamp fell and switched off, as if the “bad man” didn’t want to be seen.


Image Credit: Reddit

She said her daughter slept in her bed that night, and I can only assume she did the same every subsequent night until they found a priest or a new house.

The commenters weren’t much help, one suggesting holy water.

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And someone laughing that everyone is an atheist until something like this happens (we all know where to go for ghostly help!).

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And this person admitted he’d done exactly that.

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And yeah, we all agree that ghosts are real, right?

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What do you think was in the corner? Was it a coincidence? Are you serious scared out of your mind right now?

Yikes! I’m not sure what to think on this one!

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