Bedtime is, simultaneously, my favorite and least favorite part of the day with my kids.

I’m usually exhausted, touched out, mommy-ed out, and ready to have a few hours to myself…but I also love how they smell after their baths, the way they giggle when we read books, and how they like to snuggle as their eyes grow heavy and their breathing slows.

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Most parents have some kind of routine or ritual with their kiddos before bed, and this mother was no different. Her little guy believes in fairies, so every night they say a prayer and then ask the fairies to come and watch over him while he sleeps.

On this particular night, though, he asked if she’d called the dead fairies.


She was surprised and said that no, she only calls the good and beautiful fairies to watch over him, but he replied that the dead fairies help protect him from the dead things that bother him in his sleep….and that most of them still have their skin.

Creepy prayers from a five year old
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You guys. There’s a lot to unpack here.


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Even his mom noped out of the room!

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And the part about their skin caught people’s eye…

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As well as his casual mention of the dead things that bother him while he’s asleep.

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Mom had an answer for that, sort of, but the vagueness only makes it creepier.

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But sure, I guess the fairy thing is cute?

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I’m telling you, some people are just born with the ability to see spirits and some aren’t.

If you don’t believe in ghosts, how can you not? I honestly want to know!