You’d be hard pressed to find a movie that connects with more people than the quirky Napoleon Dynamite. We quoted it, we laughed together, we secretly identified with the strange cast of characters. And Napoleon’s talent show dance? Well, most of us at least tried to learn it step-by-step.

It warms my late GenX/Xennial heart to see a 9-year-old boy nail it to the wall – it’s like knowing that a little bit of our legacies will survive into the next generation.

His name is Jude Gagner, and not only did he get Napoleon’s dance moves down, he also came up with spot-on hair and wardrobe (I’m sure in part thanks to his mother, Katie).

She shared the video of him killing his talent show on Facebook, which is when everyone (rightfully!) lost their minds.

Katie told POPSUGAR that her son loves the movie and learned the dance moves on his own. She and Jude’s dad were as surprised as everyone else when he pulled off the entire routine at school.

Image Credit: Facebook

“Jude actually learned the dance from watching YouTube videos. He taught it to himself and surprised us when he asked if he could sign up for his school talent show. He showed us before he performed it for his classmates. Jude is a very talented kid and loves making people smile!”

People are, understandably, eating it up. Katie’s video has around 3 million views within a week of posting.

Image Credit: Facebook

I, for one, hope that Jude keeps dancing – and making people laugh – because he’s very good at both things.

Did you love Napoleon Dynamite? What was your favorite quote?

I’ve been thinking that it’s been way too long between viewings, for me!