If you have kids, then this sketch from Saturday Night Live is going to be hilarious (but only because it’s almost spring) (I hear).

We all know that most advertisements are total crap, and the things they promise are not actually going to happen to you and yours.

For example, no matter how adorable the “holiday” wardrobe you buy for your precious children, it doesn’t mean they will like it. At all.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Or wear it without a struggle.

This fake advertisement for a winter wardrobe for the whole family is hilariously accurate, from the itchy sweaters that don’t fit over his head to the snow boots that are so hard to put on you’ll likely forget why you were going outside in the first place before you get them tied.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Your little angels don’t care how many snaps you have to undo (and redo) before they decide to take a giant dump at an inopportune moment, and they sure as heck aren’t going to hold still while you do it.

I do have one note for you, fellow parents out there in the “we’re still dressing our kids” trenches – if you can’t wear jeans to church, please find a new church. Dressing up, and dressing your kids up, every single week is just depressing (and will most likely result in you never going to church).

Stay strong out there. I know our marriages can make it through these trying times (and you’ll always have those pictures to remind you how wonderful it was supposed to be.

At least you all look cute.