Anyone who has been married – ever, for any length of time at all – will tell you that losing your sense of humor is the fastest way for things to go south.

So, even if your husband is being brutally honest, give him his laughs.

It will be good for your relationship in the long run, which means that these 18 dudes must have the healthiest marriages around!

18. You’ll have to be more specific.

But no, you’re still not eating cookies in bed.

17. He knew the consequences.

But I mean, a point needed to be made.

16. I’m impressed he folds towels.

But yeah, there’s only ONE WAY they all fit under the sink or in the closet, so…

15. She’s probably never asking about your d%ck.

Unless it’s your birthday or something.

14. She’s just doing her part.

But that’s what happens at Target whether you really mean for it to or not.

13. Or a knife, in this house.

My husband doesn’t trust me at all.

12. Okay, yeah, he’s definitely getting the house.

It always pays to do a bit of investigating.

11. When you were sure they’d say no…

And now you’re stuck.

10. He didn’t even know what he was missing!

And he was probably okay with it, to be honest.

9. Learn from his mistakes.

Don’t return gifts from people who will ask about it later.

8. A good rule of thumb is that if they’re annoying you, the opposite is probably also true.

Yes, spoken from experience.

7. That would be something to have to live with.

But I mean. What if you need poop bags?

6. Those things could crush a person.

I know they crush my will to live.

5. He’s just another kid.

Everyone can’t have the right plate all the time sorry.

4. You want to marry someone who always keeps you guessing.

And who drives you insane, obviously.

3.  The people who have no way are monsters.

You can’t just load that thing all willy-nilly.

2. He doesn’t want to be responsible for not reporting a dead body.

Mine would probably do the same.

1. She’s probably too tired to notice.

If it’s not caffeine, we’re not interested.

I don’t know how I would respond as the wife but I hope I would laugh, because these are objectively funny comments and observations.

How has your partner made you laugh this week? Share it with us in the comments!