When October rolls around, there’s a certain set of (awesome) people who start itching to get out their Christmas trees.

And sure, most of them manage to wait until after Halloween, but here’s the thing – putting up your Christmas decorations as early as possible makes people happy, so what’s wrong with that?

And if you’re someone who lamented taking your Christmas tree down, I’ve got good news for you – these Valentine’s Day trees are ready and waiting to take their place in your heart and home.

There are over 2500 Instagram pics of Valentine’s Trees (and counting) if you need inspiration.

Some of them are pink and/or red monstrosities built just for the occasion, while others are repurposed Christmas trees (I mean, you spent hundreds of dollars on the thing, so you may as well get another month’s use out of it!).

Decorate them with pink and red streamers or lights, balloons, cards, kisses, arrows, hearts, flowers – everything that comes to mind when you think of the extra sweet holiday dedicated to love.

I think decorating your Christmas tree is a lovely idea – there are a couple of awesome topper ides in the pics – but if you want to go all out, Walmart also sells this one for under $100.

So there’s that.

There’s also THIS! Hot pink Christmas tress FTW!


Make sure you check out #valentinestree on Instagram for more inspiration, and post your own pics once your tree of love is ready to go! And you know where to do that, right? In the comments, fam!