If you’re a parent, you’re probably terrified of swimming pools. Or, at least, you’re terrified of letting your child into a swimming pool unless you’re able to watch them like an absolute hawk.

Every year, there are horror stories about parents who have lost young children to drowning because they turned their backs for just a second – something we do all the time – and want to try to impress on other parents how quickly their entire lives were upended.

So, when I see a story about a dad literally leaping a fence to save his swimming child in distress, well..I get how it’s possible.

It happened when Albert Passavanti’s eighteen-month-old son Rocco reached for a beach ball floating in the water and ended up falling in. Despite the 4-foot fence between Albert and the pool, he was up and over it within a second of witnessing the fall.

He literally moves so fast you’ll think he’s actually flying – if you even see him at all, that is.

Both father and son came out of the incident unharmed.

Passavanti said during an interview with local news that he never thought twice.

“The second you see it, you get Superman strength and just have to go for it. Whatever you got to do.”

As a Floridian and someone whose family spends a lot of time around pools and other bodies of water, Passavanti says he hopes the video will remind all parents to stay alert – and to make sure the gates around their pools are locked.

If you’re looking for other tips on how to keep your wee ones safe around water, the American Academy of Pediatric’s has a resource called Prevention of Drowning that’s a great place to start.

None of us wants our child to be the next in a too-long line of statistics so please, take water and water safety seriously in your home.