There is power in positive thinking, because our brains are strange organs – capable of running our entire body without much interference from us, but also easily tricked into a new emotional state.

It’s why the sayings “fake it until you make it” and “smile until you feel better” seem to work, and why they have been popular for so long.

A fact this child, even at 2, has obviously realized is true, because she makes time for positive affirmations every single day – and more often when she’s having a rough time.

Image Credit: Shelbee Haderer

If you have little kids, you know that one of the biggest hurdles you face is teaching them how to self-soothe. You can’t always be there to help them calm down when things aren’t going right, or when someone hurts their feelings, or when bit emotions fly right out of their little bodies.

Mom Shelbee Haderer of McCloud, Oklahoma offered her 2-year-old daughter, Brilee, some options when it came to dealing with her feelings, and in this video, Brilee is needing to calm down after she smashed her fingers in a door.

Image Credit: Shelbee Haderer

It hurt, obviously, but we hear Shelbee advising her daughter to take deep breaths. Once she’s calmer, Shelbee has Brilee repeat a few reminders that honestly, we could all use way more often.

“I’m okay. I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I’m loved. I’m worthy.”

As she speaks the words, the little girl becomes calmer and more composed, leaving her pain and upset behind for greener pastures.

She says, “thank you, mom,” and I don’t know about you, but my heart just about melted.

Watch the whole thing…

If this video doesn’t make your day, I don’t even know what to do with you right now, because it is adorable and also timely.

Now I’ve gotta go talk to myself in the mirror for a few minutes – maybe you should, too!