I don’t know about you, but in my mind, little kids are sort of like dogs when it comes to sniffing out people who just aren’t quite right. Like, if my dog doesn’t trust someone, neither do I, and if my kid acts like he doesn’t want to be around a certain person, I’m definitely going to be more suspicious, too.

So when this girl tells a story about her little sister letting out a bloodcurdling scream at the sight of a random, normal looking stranger, it makes you stop and think.

She sets the scene by saying she was in middle school and her sister was still young enough to be in a car seat (of course, she could have been 10 or 11 with new guidelines! Ha!). They pulled up to a gas station to get their usual, after-school snack, but the moment the mother turned off the car and got out, the little girl lost her mind.

My little sister
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The sister and mom assumed she’d been bitten or stung, but when they asked her, she hysterically just screamed for her mother to get back in the car. Yeah.

When everyone was back in the vehicle, she calmed down enough to point out the man who had pulled up next to them and say that he was “a bad man and he kills people.”

Yikes, guys. There’s no other word.

People pretty much agreed with my assessment.

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And they wanted to know more…like if the reported it (but like, what would you say to the cops?).

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Apparently the mom gave it a go but nothing turned up and there was nothing to really pursue, so…if this guy did kill people, I guess he got away with it.

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I can’t help but wonder whether they watched the news extra carefully for the months afterward, because I know that I would have, for sure.

Also I probably would have peed my pants, because there is not one single thing that’s okay about this story!

What would you have done, as the mother? I really want to know!