This one is bound to divide readers near and far – the epic question of whether sleeping with the door open or closed is more scary when you’re a kid.

If it’s closed, you have the illusion of safety because you’ll know if someone tries to come in (and also, bonus, you’re safer in a fire).

If it’s open, you can make a faster escape, and you can also hear your parents, so that’s comforting.

As a kid, sleeping with the door of the bedroom open is way more scary than it being closed.
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This Unpopular Opinion on Reddit states that door open is way scarier, and these 15 people are weighing in – things are about to get heated!

15. Cat vs. human.

My fear of sleeping with the door open is stronger than their persistence to get into the room.

They’ll be sleeping in the shower cubicle with the water running all night if they push it.

You think I’m underestimating a cat’s persistence. But really you’re underestimating what a terrified adult-sized baby I am.

14. It’s all psychology.

Closing the doors closes the loop on a physical barrier within line of sight. Door open is an unknown. I don’t know how people sleep with the door open. I also couldn’t sleep in a huge bedroom where I couldn’t see portions of the walls.

13. Yes for the normal among us.

As a kid I had an overactive imagination and my eyes would frequently play tricks on me in the dark, so I’d usually keep my door closed because of that.. well, that and it was pretty hard to sleep through all the yelling without the buffer lol

That being said I thought it was common practice to keep your door closed at night? Most people I know seem to sleep like that.

12. I think the light is a factor, too.

ironically i used to always sleep with the door open when i was a kid but now im older i absolutely hate it. I need it closed at all times.

11. This is wrong.

I’d rather die in my sleep than wake up to hear the door creak open and then be faced with whatever’s about to kill me

10. The scary stuff can’t see you, either.

That just means that whatever intruder can just stroll on into your room while you’re asleep without so much as the sound of a door opening to wake you, can also see you laying there.


In terrain that you know, the dark is a security blanket.

9. This is so common!

I’m an adult and I never sleep with the door open, no way. I’m alone in the house, I’m not scared and I sleep with no source of light at all.

But when I’m in that transition between awake and sleeping, I can have an hallucination and with the door open there are more things to see haha

Specially because I have sleep paralysis, my mind hates me.

So no open door, no sir. I’m really afraid.

8. We’re all just faking it.

I’m STILL afraid of the dark. Im 28. I always assumed that as an adult, I would just not get scared of stuff like my parents, but I was wrong. I have also gotten a little better at faking that I’m not scared so that my son will be brave, too.

7. You keep them with you, duh.

But if you have your door closed, how will your pets come sleep with you to keep you safe?

6. Definitely don’t watch that in the dark.

The door being open or closed never bothered me. It was the wall of mirrors in my room that freaked me out. Poltergeist III made it SO much worse lol.

5. Pitfalls everywhere.

Yeah just being shut out from the world and everyone else. And plus I have a giant as Mf window that stretches almost the whole wall horizontally . And when I’m laying in my bed I can see outside a bit through a space in my blinds.

My greatest fear is just someone to be watching me. And plus I’m gonna be sprinting the hell out of there so I don’t wanna take time to open the door. And having the door open eliminates the Element of surprise because you can see a person approaching from the hallway

4. Inconceivable!

Do people actually sleep with doors open?

3. I’m not sure that will do the trick.

I sleep with the door open even though there’s multiple places a demon could be peering in. Fortunately, I have an overly heavy bible to throw at it in case it decides to disturbs my slumber.

2. It’s possible.

My mom made me sleep with the door open once and I thought some demon would drag me to hell

1. Ghostly considerations.

It’s easy to get over it I mean as a kid well… little harder but as you grow up just start doing it and you notice it doesn’t matter actually fixes your irrational fear complex

I want to put more!

Also let’s think of the reason a ghost would haunt you! So either they have a fixation on you and just want to scare you or whatever or they are stuck somewhere? Okay cool why be afraid like you got burglars that can just break in your house but you don’t just randomly fear that (unless it’s happening).

Actually if ghosts are real well that should bring comfort like now you know of life after death and maybe there whole point is to get you to stop being scared of the unknown????

I agree with OP, honestly. I much prefer the door closed, even as an adult.

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