You might not think that making a bed would be all that tough of a task – after all, millions of people manage to accomplish it every single day of their lives – but apparently, you would be wrong.

Any mother knows this, obviously, since we have to teach children how to do it, and they still act like it’s a monumental and harrowing task worthy of whining and fits.

And now, if she didn’t before, Joanne Sterling knows it, too.

She and her husband Jim have been married for 45 years, but it’s been only recently that he began to make the bed every morning instead of her.

And honestly, it’s not the sheets and blankets, but the pillows, that seem to confuse him.

Joanne started documenting his learning process, and now people everywhere are completely delighted by the entire fiasco.

Okay but actually, y’all, this is the cutest.

He’s finding ways to amuse his wife AND do the chores on a regular basis – this is a husband who has things down to a science!

Take note, men everywhere. This is how you marriage.

And also, it’s not really how you make a bed, but it will do.