Plenty about the world has changed in the past twenty to thirty years, but one of the starkest contrasts is how much later people are waiting to get married and have children of their own.

There are lots of smart people who have great theories on why that is, but I personally think that some of it is because of our parents – they were secure enough to raise us to not have to think about responsible stuff until we absolutely had to, so we kind of got a late start.

If you’re wondering what exactly I’m on about, these 10 pictures are great at illustrating the point.

10. They look like they knew how to have a good time.

And she sure does, too.

9. Handsome and happy.

Can’t imagine any complaints there.

8. I bet they’re so proud.

But not as proud as the parents of the boy in the picture on the right.

7. Bless.

Their parents look so incredibly wholesome.

6. People had kids so young.

And we can’t criticize, because here we are.

5. Her parents just didn’t have digital photos.

Our grandchildren are going to have questions.

4. That’s a big drink.

Those cute little baby cheeks, though!

3. How cute are those parents??

Also, what is going on in that second image??

2. She has her mama’s smile.

And maybe her taste for tequila, idk.

1. They look like they knew how to have fun.

I guess they passed it on.

Things aren’t better or worse, I don’t think, they’re just different!

What’s the biggest difference between your life and your parents’ lives when they were your age? Tell us in the comments!