One of the things “they” tell you is that there are some things about being a parent that you can never actually know until you are a parent.

Apparently, that includes the fact that your entire body and face and everything else will never be the same. Because now kids will be spitting and licking and throwing up ALL over them. Yeah… get ready for ALL of that.

Proof? Just check out these 10 images.

Don’t worry… it’s going to happen to most people… you’ll see.

10. That hairdo looks familiar to me.

In fact, I might be sporting it right now.

9. Ah, that carefree smile in the first one.

I recognize that from my past.

8. Black is always flattering.

Full stop.

7. Her boobs are useful either way.

So I guess that’s something.

6. That selfie got him into this mess.


5. Bless.

Also, they’re gonna need a bigger Christmas tree now.

4. She’s still pretty.

That kiddo is a lucky one!

3. He’s still committed to getting those rays.

Gotta love the determination.

2. Still rocking the white tank.

Gotta appreciate a sense of style.

1. Her belly is never gonna look like this again.

And you know what? That’s okay.

I just…I’m afraid to go and look in the mirror. I know I look awful right now. I should probably just work on another hilarious post instead. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Good plan.

Which one of these have you shared with a parent friend? Confess in the comments!

Thanks as always for having fun with us!