The thing about bedtime for me is the contradiction. When you feel it coming, you’re drawing the bath or picking up toys or whatever, you dread it. You gird your loins.

You limp through the settling down, the pajamas, the teeth-brushing, the settling down, the book reading, etc etc etc, and just when you think it’s never going to be over, they fall asleep…and they look like angels.

All of your irritation melts away, only to be replaced by intense love and the desire to do better the next day.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

If bedtime’s got you down, these 10 memes should at least help you laugh about it.

10. It’s like they¬†want to make it harder.

Everyone’s revved up by being clean, I guess.

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9. To be healthy, maybe.

But we can function on far less. With the help of coffee, of course.

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8. If only that would work.

Spoiler alert, they want the longest book they can find.

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7. They emerge every single night.

And also, can they have a snack?

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6. You want to high-five, but you’re too tired.

Forget about doing anything else.

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5. It’s one of life’s cruel jokes.

You don’t WANT to be the second one, but they are relentless!

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4. Not usually, anyway.

Sometimes there are hormones to consider.

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3. You’ve never hated yourself more.

Why are you so clumsy?!

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2. For today, anyway.

Let’s not think about tomorrow right now.

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1. That’s if you even make it out of their rooms.

Just me?

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I know one day I’m going to be sad that no one needs me at bedtime, but that day is not today.

What’s your favorite thing about bedtime? Let’s talk positive stuff in the comments!