For most women, they begin to feel all of the love and anxiety and protection of motherhood the day they find out they are pregnant. Dads usually take a little longer, but the moment they see that smushy, screaming face for the first time, they know.

That said, there are moments you realize “wow, I’m a parent” and there are the moments you realize parenthood just welcomed you with a swift kick to the rear.

These 10 moments are definitely the latter, and you’ll be laughing along, remembering when it happened to you.

10. It gets you every time.

Four years in and I still worry.

9. We were all young and beautiful once.

And free and fancy.

8. The pictures is how they get you.

And they’re always terrible.

7. The threats aren’t empty when the laundry gets dumped, though.

Why are there always so many clothes?!

6. So is not drinking.

And saving money.

5. If you’re lucky.

I can’t even stay awake that long on some days.

4. Who knows what your child is bringing home from school?

Also, you’re old now.

3. Sometimes it’s because they’re being picky.

Other times it’s because they already ate it all.

2. And their half-finished sandwiches.

And yogurt pouches. And on and on and on and on.

1. Or nice things.

Or your non-gray hairs. Or anything you held dear that you don’t want vomited on or broken.

Ah, at least we’re all part of the same club, eh?

What was this moment like for you? Share the details with us in the comments!