No one loves when their kid throws a tantrum, but listen – it’s inevitable, and it’s not your fault, no matter what sort of judgmental stares you get in the line at the grocery store.

Learning to manage emotions is a normal and healthy part of childhood, so there’s no reason to feel embarrassed.

An excellent lesson, but if you can go one step further and learn to laugh about it, you’ll be on your way to being as chill as these 10 parents.

10. It’s a short list.

Non-existent actually.

9. A miracle is one word for it.

I guess it depends how much you love dealing with yourself.

8. Well that’s a conversation.

Yet another one you probably never imagined having.

7. Probably time for one last call of your own.

You’re gonna need it to get through bedtime.

6. Who could stay mad at this face?

No one in their right mind.

5. Seconded and carried.

How could it be any other way?

4. And again at 5 am.

Or any other time of the day, randomly.

3. He’s just worn out from the water park.

Not that it helps you now.

2. Enjoy her not being able to spell while it lasts.

Then again, she probably wouldn’t care anyway.

1. Just in case you missed it.

It’s hilarious how they think we’re deaf.


I think whether or not you’re able to laugh depends on the day. Like, today, I wasn’t able to laugh that much. Because my kids were being monsters.

But Fridays… oh yes… that’s my laughing day.

Tell us your secrets for navigating a public tantrum down in the comments – we need tools!