I love a good DIY project as much as the next person. I suppose there are plenty of them that aren’t exactly necessities but just allow us to make things we enjoy or hone skills without having to spend too much money, but these 12 projects definitely take “unnecessary” to a whole new level.

Like, it’s nice that you know how to do or make something, but you don’t have to be so aggressive about it (or show it to everyone on the internet), you know?

If you’re not sure exactly what I mean, you definitely will after you scroll through these 12 pictures.

12. At the intersection of patriotic and dumb.

Exhibit A.

Nuf said
byu/bloodbath1298 inIdiotsInCars

11. I think meat might be supposed to shrink.

Won’t it get all dry and stuff otherwise?

Meat always shrinks when I cook it but not anymore!
byu/Sebastian294 inDiWHY

10. What on earth.

What is the matter with this girl??

1. Find a dead beetle. 2. Cover it in hot glue. 3.Fashion
by inDiWHY

9. Congrats, you just made skateboarding even more challenging.

Unless you have really small feet, I guess.

No. Just no.
byu/DisapointedScientist inDiWHY

8. Just don’t stand too close.

And hope it doesn’t rain.

my life has been a lie
byu/Buck_Morrison88 inmemes

7. I don’t like birds and even I wouldn’t do this.

Trees are their domain, my friend. Stay in your lane.

why even have a tree if you hate nature?
byu/garlic_moon inDiWHY

6. I’m impressed that it runs.

Among other things.

It physically pains me to look at this monstrosity
byu/RoboMuppet2261 inDiWHY

5. I hope this isn’t for a child.

If it’s a voodoo doll, then awesome work.


4. Is that Chick-Fil-A sauce?

If so, I am here for whatever is going down.


3. Unnecessary, sure, but also very cool.

I would never have the patience to make this happen.

Found a car decorated with pennies.
by inmildlyinteresting

2. Definitely custom.

Is that supposed to be a perk? Or just information?


1. I do not understand what’s happening here.

Like. What is the functional purpose?

sandals with flip flop bottoms
byu/DaBoy2187 inDiWHY

Each one of these made me shake my head a little bit harder, to be honest.

Have you ever run across a project like this? Tell us about it in the comments!