When you’re an adult watching a show made for and marketed to children, you expect a certain number of jokes that are just for the grown-ups in the room. They’re references or insinuations, nothing too off-the-wall, just stuff that kids would have no idea how to catch, right?

That’s normal. Sometimes, though, you catch a joke or a storyline that seems off-color at best, or completely dark and inappropriate at worst – and these 13 people aren’t going to forget the times it happened to them anytime soon.

13. Bless Disney writers.

I was watching Inside Out with my kids the other day, and cracked up when they moved to San Francisco and were talking about “hairy bears”.

12. Normal, but not ok.

There’s an episode of Adventure Time where Finn watches Marceline get naked from her closet and he just keeps watching cause he’s like, 12.

And in the new distant lands there’s a flashback where Marcy took off her shirt.

11. All very questionable.

The blatant BJ in El Dorado. You don’t see it but the guy walks in on it, complete with slurping sounds and then Chel pops up and was clearly below the waist of the other guy.

That whole movie was questionable. The bj, human sacrifice, the main characters were flogged and on their way to be enslaved, they had no chill and I love it.

10. Adventure Time again.

On the gore side, there’s the part where Magic Man literally turns a bird inside out. Jake was traumatized.

The episode with the deer, the creepy a$s deer.

-the deer broke both of finn’s legs in 2 places on screen

-it gave Jake brain damage.

-after Finn woke up Jake had gone crazy from the head trauma and loneliness so Finn forced himself to accept that the friend/brother he knew was basically dead.

-Finn and Jake go into the sewer to find the deer who licks all the candy citizens and puts them in some kind of sap for 6 months

-after Jake is hit in the head again and regains his memory, the deer takes off its hooves to reveal weird hand things.

-Jake drops two concrete blocks on the deer, snapping it’s neck again on screen.

-they get rid of the body

9. Wait, what happened?

The episode of Regular Show where Mordecai sees Pops naked, and then at the end it shows Benson with a b*ner.

Or the episode with a scene where a horse takes two candies out of Benson. Yes, he took them from his crotch. Can’t find the video.

8. Is Adventure Time really for kids?

And the goblin king getting dethroned for smacking butts? That was was so f*cking weird as well.

7. That’s kid humor, though.

Reminds me of one from Cat Dog

“Let’s show some class!” -character starts dropping pants-

“NO, show some class!”

6. So much cringe.

Courage the Cowardly dog was nightmare fuel. I have no idea how they got that on prime time children’s network.

The other one that comes to mind is animaniacs and their infamous “finger prince” joke.

5. I’m thinking twice about this now.

In the Incredibles movie, the children flat out are responsible for multiple henchmen deaths.

Mr. Incredible hides under the corpse of his friend, and the central conflict comes from him stopping a suicide.

4. That’s kind of funny, though.

The animaniacs when they had Pablo Picasso… “did you know there’s PP on your smock?”

Can’t find the clip but here’s the dialogue from my favorite
Beethoven: I am Ludwig van Beethoven, world famous composer and pianist.
The Warners do a double-take at his pronunciation of the word “pianist.”
Yakko: You’re a what?
Beethoven: A pianist!
Yakko: Mwah, goodnight, everybody!
Beethoven: But that is what I am! A pianist!
Yakko: I think we heard enough out of you!

3. Agog is a perfect description.

That episode of Hey Arnold where Helga writes a poem about her trembling girlhood.

Even her parrot was agog.

2. A true classic.

The Sponge Bob episode where they learn a curse word, and even though it is “bleeped” you still have Sponge Bob basically saying “Nice f**king day, Patrick”

1. I think that’s on purpose.

Cat In The Hat movie where Cat is holding a gardening hoe and says “you dirty hoe, I’m sorry I love you”. I was letting my niece watch it and the entire movie had a lot of wild references I never caught as a child. Made it more amusing now lol.

I hate when this happens; it makes me so uncomfortable.

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