Sleep deprivation is just part of the game when you’re a parent, but here’s the good thing – it makes you downright loopy, and so even things that are just marginally funny become downright hilarious.

That’s one reason why these parenting tweets are so snort-inducing, though I suspect they’re funny enough even when your brain is in proper working order.

12. Don’t think too hard about it.

Nothing good will leap into your head.

11. Same, child.

Adults just aren’t allowed to say this out loud.

10. To be fair, they don’t really understand batteries.

Or money, for that matter.

9. Talk about a war on Christmas.

I feel like Santa is probably prepared.

8. At least he asked first.

That’s gotta be good for at least a couple of cookies.

7. How dare, sir.

Is this your first day?

6. For all they know, it shall never happen again!

Until an hour later when you take the elevator back down.

5. How shall they ever learn how to fend for themselves?

The future looks bleak.

4. Should you tell him?

Someone has to tell him…right?

3. There is no loyalty among preschoolers.

They will throw adults under the bus, too.

2. Just living the dream.

I don’t know who’s dream. Not mine.

1. That’s going to be a beautiful day.

But not for the nursing home attendants.

I love being a mom, but I wouldn’t mind getting a bit more rest here and there.

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