There is room for a lot of funny people in this world, because we all love to laugh. There’s also a pretty long, sliding scale when it comes to humor – some are definitely funnier than others, and some people couldn’t make another person crack a smile if they tried for a week.

Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, but these 12 people have to be toward whichever end is the funniest.

12. Yoda, what a large sword you have.

How do you keep a straight face for this?

My daughter can’t figure out why we can’t stop laughing at the Yoda she made
byu/Rumblepuff infunny

11. Don’t take this girl to mini golf.

Or do, but definitely film the whole thing.

This was the moment I told my daughter the whale was going to close it’s mouth.
byu/conrod05 infunny

10. It was just a wrong angle.

A hilariously wrong angle.

My kid created what I thought was an angry-rage-boner-poop-fly guy…
byu/Bubsing infunny

9. Or clean her room, or eat her dinner.

There are so many things this could be a picture of, honestly.

Actual photo of me waiting for my daughter to finish her homework.
byu/kacydev infunny

8. You will treasure that always.

And they will love it, too. Someday.

Took a nice picture of my kids today
byu/maudegt infunny

7. Being in charge of the wifi is a powerful thing.

I can’t wait to lord it over my kids.

Kids won’t go outside so took the wifi for a walk.
byu/vidic17 infunny

6. What devil person created this?

Whoever they are, they are an evil genius.

I found a horribly fun way to disappoint my kids in the morning!
byu/hoosiername infunny

5. That’s just terrible.

Why am I laughing?

My daughter hates it when her sandwich is not cut perfect in half. My wife had to up her game to annoy her.
byu/Max_Xevious infunny

4. Look, the child is a genius!

Or the mom is.

My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO.
byu/10fletcher infunny

3. I hope he gets it.

The joke, not the game.

My friends’ kid asked for a 3DS for his birthday.
byu/lundah infunny

2. This is one for the ages.

A new twist on an old classic.

My Son started to cry when he saw Santa, so I decided it’d be a good idea if we all joined to
byu/the_trynes infunny

1. Bless his heart.

He just thought it was a communication issue.

My son asked the elf to bring him a Nintendo switch. He found this in his stocking this morning and was sorely disappointed. He is now drawing a picture for the elf, trying to help him know what he really wanted.
byu/Picklesk infunny

I just love reading funny parenting tweets. It makes me feel better about my own crazy life.

Which one of these did you already share with a friend?

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