When you’re a parent, you have to find ways to laugh – at yourself, at your kids, at the mundane hilarity in everyday life, whatever. It’s the only way to get through it.

Some parents love laughing at the expense of their kids, others like joking about how tough the days and nights can be, and some poke fun at themselves, but whatever the mode, there’s no doubt these 11 parents are awfully good at making us laugh.

11. We’re all fine.

World domination pending.

Wife left me alone with the kids for the first time and after asking for an update I sent her this
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10. Some parents are just evil.

I wholly approve.

My kid has an unhealthy obsession with who got the “biggest” present. Gift wrapped 32GB microSD card. Banana for scale.
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9. He’s never going to get over it.

But they can’t throw it out now.

My friend’s boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later.
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8. This kid knows he’s in good hands.

How could he not?

Had a kid the other day. First thing I packed was correct ‘dad-ttire’ for the trip home.
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7. I need to know how long this went on.

My guess is far longer than they intended.

Parents used to tell my only brother and I that we used to have another brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath. Even added him to the family albums.
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6. I am definitely going to try this someday.

Boss trick.

Using a prank idea from Askreddit, I put vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar. My kids were horrified as I ate it while watching them open their Easter presents.
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5. It’s a blessed saying in our house.

Wait, what?

Walked passed this a million times at my parents house. Just read it today ha.
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4. Things you don’t even think about until it’s too late.

Bless her heart.

Explained how to make “snow angels” to my kids. Forgot one important detail.
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3. I bet the son secretly loved it.

How could he not? Who doesn’t love a sack full of civil war jokes?!

My Son’s Lunchbag Drawing Today
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2. Hopefully he’s not old enough to use scissors.

One day this just won’t work. But that’ll be a cold day in hell.

My friend got tired of his kids losing the remotes
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1. I mean, we’re all a$sholes sometimes.

It’s called being human. Ever heard of it all of you people who are reading this bumper sticker!

Proud parents
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Giggling for days over here, y’all. Seriously funny.

Tells us in the comments which one tickled your funny bone just right!