There’s just something great about really being seen and understood by someone going through a similar season of life to our own, don’t you think?

Knowing there are other parents out there struggling through the days and nights with littles, home all of the time and everyone bored out of their minds, makes us all feel like we can do it.

So, all hail these 12 parents, whose jokes are really pretty great.

12. Look, you do what you gotta do to pass the time.

Parents everywhere know this.

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11. This cracked me up.

This poor man. He’s never escaping.

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10. Sometimes they are just flat-out adorable.

I hope his parents wrote this down.

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9. It’s the circle of life.

Our own parents are laughing.

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8. Ah, the “we all do things we don’t want to do” talk.

A real classic.

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7. They cannot keep secrets.

Definitely don’t tell him WHAT they are.

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6. She knew that was too good to be true.

It was fun while it lasted.

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5. It’s one of life’s little pleasures.

You WILL do this, I promise.

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4. I think there are easier ways.

Like donuts, maybe.

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3. You want them to be happy and strong.

But not stronger than you.

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2. You never know what happens off the page.

I’m sure the garbage man had his reasons.

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1. There will be no refunds.

And no warnings or grace periods.

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We’re going to make it, y’all.

Someday soon, those kids will even be old enough to make us a drink.