Most parents develop some kind of sense of humor. We have to in order to cope with the lack of sleep, the lack of privacy, and the complete and total loss of our identity other than being in charge of these kids.

These 13 parents are the proof in the pudding, because no matter what else is going on at home, they’re coming to Twitter to make us laugh.

13. Pro Dad move.

Kind of brings a tear to your eye.

12.Don’t bag on the elves, children.

Maybe next time they won’t bother.

Image Credit: Twitter

11. Well that’s a mood.

Sort of stolen from Shrek, but what are you gonna do?

Image Credit: Twitter

10. What do they DO to those things?

At least you know they’re using them, I guess.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. After I throw it all on the floor.

Gotta have the full experience.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. Ok but how does one “save a donut?”

You always eat all of the donuts right away. Right?

Image Credit: Twitter

7. Don’t do it.

There be monsters.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. Only parents use those voice memos.

Completely on accident.

5. At least a hug first.

Dang, girl.

Image Credit: Twitter

4. Solid kid move.

She’s on track.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. Method actor in the making.

Kid is committed. Or maybe should be.

Image Credit: Twitter

2. He believes he is.

Nether regions are ripe for jokes.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. We can reuse the bow.

The rest of it we will use immediately.

Image Credit: Twitter

I’m giggling and I’m not at all mad about it!

Which of these made you laugh the hardest? Tell us down in the comments!