If there’s a relationship is more full of love/annoyance than that of siblings I don’t know what it is. We love each other, we would go to the mattresses to defend our sibs, but they can also annoy the crap out of in a way that no one else can.

They know where all of our buttons are, and on the right day, they love pushing them just for fun – which is why only people with brothers and/or sisters will truly “get” these 12 posts.

12. So true in every way.

I’m dying laughing.

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11. An accurate way to put it.

And somehow they keep leveling up.

10. It had better be even.

You never know when your mom is going to let your brother choose the half.

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9. How is this even a real question.

We would take any excuse, tbh.

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8. You know to always look for a trick.

No one is going to rip you off.

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7. Not having a reason is a dead giveaway.

But sometimes you go anyway, because you’re bored.

6. “Do you want to split this?”

“I don’t know, do you have the right tools?”

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5. Do people leave their kids alone anymore?

Those were some Lord of the Flies days.


4. Life isn’t always fair.

Siblings will definitely teach you that.

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3. This is why I’m never keeping guns in my house.

And why I never sharpen my knives.

2. I doubt it.

Why is this such a classic move?

1. It comes out almost like it was an accident.

You’d better take a selfie, and quick.


I love my sister, but we definitely had some days growing up.

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