Our world has changed so much in the past 30 years that people who passed away in the late seventies or early eighties would hardly recognize it today. Technology, fashion, and other advancements have crafted a brave new world that we’ve adapted to well enough, and it can be easy to forget how things were just a generation ago.

That’s where these 12 side-by-side photos come in handy – because these are parents and their children, just one generation apart but living in completely disparate worlds.

12. To be fair, the kid looks like he’s having more fun.

Probably because his parents didn’t have too much fun.

11. This one made me snort.

They must be so proud.

10. I hope she at least invited them over.

They gave up their youth for her and everything.

9. I can see they raised you right.

I’m not sure they would agree, but…


8. Y’all look at those babies.

All three of them, honestly.


7. Everyone looks happy and healthy.

Win win win!

6. Her parents look extremely cool.

I’m sure having a kid too care of that.

5. I mean it was their birthday.

We can cut them a little slack.


4. A dog is a good first step.

You can leave it home alone, so that’s a bonus.


3. Precious.

Just making all of those sacrifices worth it.

2. The dog is stealing the show.

Also kind of her mother, because those cheekbones!


1. Whew, that wedding attire is a RELIC.

Classic photo on the right.

It really kind of awes you, right?

What’s something that was normal when your parents were growing up but definitely wouldn’t be now?

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