I love kids (my own especially), and one of the most charming things about them is how they think they know everything when they literally know nothing.

And to top it all off, they think we’re the ones who don’t know anything!

If you need any further proof that kids are charming idiots, I really think these 13 memes should suffice.

13. We’ve all been there.

Somewhere along the line we stopped crying about it, though.

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12. They have no idea what time is worth.

But why should they?

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11. Someone’s parent or teacher dropped the ball.

His pose with the cigarette makes this whole picture.

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10. This is a nightmare of epic proportions.

How do you come back from this?

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9. I, too, used this word without realizing what it meant.

It was not a good day in the 4th grade.

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8. He thought no one would notice.

And if he’d been playing with other kids, they might not have.

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7. The drips.

Y’all. I can’t.

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6. Is that slime?

Dear God in heaven.

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5. How…did this happen?

I’m not even going to ask why.

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4. I bet his mom was so proud.

And by “proud,” I mean “wanted to die.”

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3. I mean…some of that was right.

He might want to rethink his career path.

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2. I’ll take “ways to get kicked out of school” for $200, Alex.”

Sweet summer child.

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1. A sad day.

But perhaps an important one for the whole reality thing.

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Bless their hearts, right?

What’s the dumbest cute thing your kid has done? Tell us about it in the comments!