All families are different, because they’re run by people who come to relationships and childrearing with their own backgrounds and ideas.

Maybe your parents did something or said something because their parents did it, or their grandparents, and it’s just kept going…

For these 14 people, though, it wasn’t hard to realize that their parents were stricter than most – and that some of their rules were downright ridiculous.

14. These seem like fair rules.

Not saying I follow them, but…

13. I still don’t understand how this supposedly worked.

How could you get electrocuted in your house? Isn’t it grounded?

12. Where did the glasses go, then?

I have a lot of questions.

11. What else was she supposed to do?

There were so few options.

10. This sounds lovely.

Not as a teenager, but now.

9. This is truly terrible.

This isn’t being strict, it’s emotional abuse.

8. Oohh man teenager me would have hated that.

My grandfather was the same way when we were at his house.

7. That’s a horrible thing to put on kids.

Or adults. No one should think this way.

6. This actually makes me angry.

Like, viscerally angry. How dare.

5. How can you eat like that?

No water? What?

4. Seems like a strange hill to die on.

Everyone has their line, I suppose.

3. I was okay until that last part.

Don’t hit your kids, y’all.

2. I need to know why?

Was it the devil?

1. I guess my parents were strict?

I don’t see the problem with this, I guess.

I’m just sitting here open-mouthed at some of these!

What was the weirdest rule your parents had? Tell us about it in the comments!