Listen, every single family has its quirks.

There are things you think are normal until you start spending enough time in other people’s houses to realize not everyone does them.

So when this question popped up on Twitter… a lot of people responded.

Usually, those things are funny, but when you’re dealing with strict parents, sometimes they’re…not.

And these 16 people are willing to share some memories from their totally strict upbringing on Twitter.

16. Rebellion came eventually.

It always does.

15. That’s…a lot of stuff to remember.

I would have been in trouble all the time.

14. Was it a clean thing, or…?

I bet they got fluffy slippers for Christmas every year.

13. That second one made me want to cry.

And I’m 40.

12. Nothing that’s too fun!

That’s hilarious.

11. What…what are they for, then?

I have questions.

10. I bet she said butt all the time after she moved out.

Screamed it from the rooftops.

9. So many parents had the no tv rule!

Was there a seminar everyone attended?

8. Dresses are fine but only if you want to wear them.

I believe in giving kids choices about their bodies like crazy.

7. So many things are Satanic.

It’s hard to keep up.

6. Because kids can’t figure out fake gun sounds?

They always have been able to, always will.

5. This seems fair, tbh.

Not always possible, but something to strive for.

4. You never know where the devil’s hiding, I guess.

Knowing what we know now about J.K. Rowling…

3. Wait, all the way to college?

That’s borderline insane.

2. There’s a difference between strict and…whatever this is.

I think abuse is the right word.

1. Is that strict or just old-fashioned?

Is there a difference?

My parents weren’t not strict, but they weren’t like this!

If you had strict parents, what would you add to this thread?

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