Dogs might be man’s best friend, but when it comes to the issues of the world, we have different priorities. Dogs don’t care about immigration, for example – they love everyone! They don’t care about the cost of healthcare, because you pay for theirs and they are very good bois that deserve the best.

On the flip side, dogs care a lot more than we do about walks, and fireworks, and how many dog parks are in the vicinity.

Dog With Sign is standing up for what doggos everywhere need to be happy.

16. No mom shaming allowed!

Parenting puppies is hard, too.

15. You figure it out.

That’s not her problem.

14. No judging, pooch.

It’s been a rough year.

13. Pay attention to meeeeeeeee.

Not that stupid computer!

12. Preach.

You are not alone, puppers.

11. I’m not saying the dog is right.

But she has a point.

10. All kinds.

We’re gonna need treats to get through this.

9. It is the way of her people.

Respect her culture.

8. We all know the truth.

No point in denying it.

7. She would have no problem getting the signatures for this one.

My toddlers would sign it, too.

6. Then stop rolling in poop.

You’re in charge of the baths, dog.

5. Something to strive for.

We may never get there, but we could try.

4. Trust me, this is what women want.

They would much rather see your dog.

3. Be kind to your pooch!

It’s the best way to teach them.

2. Advice for us all.

Maybe not the butts, but…

1. They spark joy!

For the dog, anyway.

I’m here for it – whatever the dogs need, let’s give it to them!

If your dog had a protest sign, what would it say? Tell us in the comments!