It’s an interesting day, when you figure out that your parents have personalities beyond taking care of you and watching television together after you go to bed. They have whole lives!

For some of us, that realization comes with another – that our parents have truly sharp and sarcastic senses of humor.

If these 20 kids didn’t realize they had savage parents before they received these 20 text messages, there can be no doubt now.

20. Some kids definitely know where they get it from.

Once they’re grown things are going to be fun.

19. He trusts you to take care of yourself.

It’s really a compliment!

18. Mama just wants some attention!

I bet they live in Florida.

17. This goes a bit beyond savage.

She said she didn’t want him to get distracted reading a long message. Ha!

16. If she doesn’t have time for a nap she doesn’t have time to talk to you.


15. His first reaction was the real one.

He’s saving a ton of cash!

14. Mom sees everything.

Now give her her money.

13. He doesn’t have time to wait for your reply.

Man has things to do!

12. She didn’t even answer.

I am deceased.

Image Credit: Twitter

11. Look at all of the good use she’s getting out of them, though!

You’ve gotta give her that.

10. Come home and find out.

I like this method.

Image Credit: Twitter

9. The woman is a realist.

But also, aren’t we all kind of feeling this way right now?

8. She’s giving you a second chance.

Don’t screw it up if you want free dinner.

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7. Look at him, thinking he’s smarter than her.

So cute.

6. Gen X mom ftw.

We have all the insults for when you’re old enough to hear them.

5. I’d say this kid has a valid argument.

Oh my word.

4. Dang, that’s cold!

What did you do?

3. Mom better tread lightly.

Some day the diaper might be on the other bum.

2. You gave her an inch.

What did you expect?

1. They never want you to make a mess.

Not even as you’re dying.

This is parenting done right, if you ask me!

Do you have a sharp-witted parent? Describe one of their best barbs in the comments!