People hold protests every day, all over the world.

They hold up signs that lets the powers that be easily glimpse their demands, the shout and work for change.

But what about the dogs? What about their wants, needs, and issues?

Well, “Dog with Sign” is there for them, too, with protest signs for every occasion.

14. It’s not just for cats.

Salted cured meats for all!

13. Jackets for everyone!

I’m convinced.

12. Change her mind.

You can’t change my mind, either.

11. Ok sometimes we have the same troubles.

Who could ignore such a doggo?

10. It’s just not nice.

Plus, your dog is a good dog.

9. This is relatable.

Not actual squirrels, though. Most of the time.

8. She still wants one, though.

Whipped cream is a treat!

7. I’m convinced!

Doggie licks are the only things getting us through.

6. Whatever makes her happy.

Literally. I will do it.

5. I couldn’t agree more.

If you disagree, you’re the worst.

4. The dog doesn’t make the rules.

Pick up her poop!

3. My toddlers are working on it.

Dogs love kids for a reason.

2. That expression, though.

The perfect picture does exist.

1. We love you forever!

Dogs are the best.

I love this dog and would like to donate to all of her causes. If I had the money. Which I don’t. So there’s that.

What would your dog’s protest sign say? Tell us in the comments, pretty please with doggy treats on top!