You become a parent the moment you conceive your precious bundle, but it’s often not until years later, laundry basket in hand, preschooler saying “mommy” for the fiftieth time in an hour, that the realization hits you.

Moments like these 9, when you stop and mutter “welcome to parenthood” are precious – and you can never explain them to someone who hasn’t been there, too.

9. And you’re always out of batteries.

Because everything in your life suddenly takes batteries.

8. So many tripping hazards.

Also, something that smells.

7. This is just one of the worst parts of adulthood.

Especially because it’s not even you putting it down there usually.

6. You actually have no idea what time it is.

Because it really doesn’t matter.

5. I haven’t worn a clean shirt in 4 years.

I suspect it will be awhile before I can make this happen.

4. It’s a sobering thought.

At least we have alcohol.

3. Thank goodness for microwaves.

And crappy Keurig coffee.

2. It’s one of the things people never tell you.

You’re dying for alone time, and then as soon as you get it, you feel guilty.

1. I cannot stop yawning. Ever.

So happy I’m not alone.


I’m laughing because it’s true, and at least we’re not in this alone.

What was your “welcome to parenthood” moment? Share it with us in the comments!