One of the best things you can learn to do as a parent is to laugh in the face of the absolute absurdity that is life with little kids most days.

They have no idea how to human, or how to life, and sometimes those things combine into an epic explosion of emotions.

As their parent, it’s your job to catch the mess and show them how to wrestle it all back in the box – and trust me, that’s easier to do if you don’t take any of it too seriously.

13. Tell yourself again how you should get ready earlier.

I’ll wait.

12. Is there an appropriate time to play with butter?

You know what? Don’t answer that.

11. No explanations necessary.

Let that be a lesson for everyone else, as well.

10. At least he’s honest.

And curious, too!

9. The silent scream.

They can hold their breaths for a really long time.

8. Even butterflies can set them off.

You really never know.

7. He’s just worn out from the water park.

Not that it helps you now.

6. Enjoy her not being able to spell while it lasts.

Then again, she probably wouldn’t care anyway.

5. Kudos to Mom for knowing the difference.

Hat’s off to moms of girls.

4. Yes I think she’s doing it right.

If not, who will know?

3. It’s a disappointing world.

On the upside, we’re not incinerated.

2. *sets tweet down*

*backs away slowly*

1. That must have been a good one.

I bet his wife is thrilled. For today.

These are some high parenting marks!

I hope that the next time my kid melts down I can remember to be so cool under pressure.