There are about a hundred reasons to love being a parent, but as you’ve all surely figured out by now, there are also a few drawbacks. Not enough to make you regret their choices, but you obviously realize that any life, no matter the contents, is not without bumps and potholes.

There are moments when you think “welp, that’s parenthood,” and then you either laugh or cry or hide in the bathroom with a bag of Oreos for a few minutes – and that’s the sort of day these 9 people were having when they made these posts.

If you’re not crazy now, just wait.

The years will wear you away.

None of this 18 years stuff.

Those kids are going to raid your kitchen your whole life.

It’s not about you anymore.

Your stocking will no longer fill itself.

They definitely want to go, they just don’t want to put on their shoes.

Or their jacket.

Fingers crossed it’s not red.

Otherwise, balloons aren’t so bad.

As is the minutes it takes to warm it up in the microwave later.

Protip: invest in a good travel mug.

And no one had a sandwich. Or toast.

They’re just eating…bread.

Or noise-canceling headphones.

Don’t try to power through on your own.

The good definitely outweighs the bad, but it’s nice to be able to laugh at the not-great days, right?

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