Humor is one of the things that makes the world go ’round – or at least, it’s one of the things that reminds us we can keep going when things get rough.

So, if you’re having one of those days when you’re struggling to laugh so you don’t cry, these 10 tweets should help you along the way!

Sit back, relax and the let hilarity wash over you.

10. It’s good to have goals, right?

Don’t sweat the way he does… just celebrate it!

9. Also their problems get bigger as they do.

And not as easily fixed with Band-Aids. But wine fixes it.

8. He learned from the best.

Daddy loves cookies, doesn’t he? Yes he does.

7. I’d sign up for that class.

Confidence is key, you know! And it looks like she’s nailing it.

6. They have everything on Amazon.

The question is, how long will your kid play with it?

5. Can’t send him to school like that.

It’s cruel and unusual punishment to not teach him how to f**king curse correctly!

4. What could go wrong?

Other than everything, I mean. Ya know… all of that.

3. They all are with the right motivation.

Kind of like training dogs. If dogs could talk back to you constantly.

2. Here’s where you explain television isn’t real.

Or accurate. Or even that good, to be honest.

1. Focus on the second part.

It’s more viable in the long run.

I’m feeling ready to face the rest of the day now, how about you?

What’s your go-to way to laugh yourself out of a funk? Share with us in the comments!