If our kids weren’t so cute, they wouldn’t get away with nearly as much crap as they do – and we probably wouldn’t think it was so funny when they pulled totally dumb stunts, either.

These 13 kids were having some moments when their parents wrote down these precious moments, y’all. Check it out.

13. A sad sign of the times.

But at least he’s being safe.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

12. This is what grandpas are for.

They like, have to be smarta$s clowns.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

11. Kids are so literal.

You would think a kid’s photographer would know that.

When the photographer says “touch your cheeks together”
byu/DooDooPapa inKidsAreFuckingStupid

10. What that teacher must have thought.

Bless her heart.


9. I hope his parents had practiced not-laughing.

I doubt they had enough training for this, though.

My 7yo son was excited to show off his clay pirate boat
byu/TheDiscordium infunny

8. I mean you never know for sure until you ask.

And it’s always better to know.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

7. Oh, dear.

If it fits, they will stick…a body part into it.

dont bring your kids when shopping for a phone
byu/pkmnTrainer_axl inKidsAreFuckingStupid

6. I guess he’ll figure it out eventually.

I mean…surely he will.

Got new doors installed. He doesn’t realise one of his favorite hide and seek spots has been severely compromised.
byu/stepuptoredalert inKidsAreFuckingStupid

5. Locked and loaded.

It covers her mouth and nose. I don’t see the problem.

Mom told her daughter to grab her mask so they can go to the store. This was the mask she grabbed.
byu/jorhey14 inaww

4. Noooooo stop it.

He’s old enough to Google but not old enough to not drink soap?

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

3. This is so dear.

I want to hug him.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

2. That’s how you really learn a lesson.

Long after it’s too late.

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1. Why couldn’t she have chosen a different color?

And you definitely have to keep it.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

Make sure you write this stuff down, parents – you know you’ll forget.

And every kid is going to need a bit of humbling at some point.