Kids get passed over when it comes to being intentionally funny – sure, they make us laugh, but it’s usually not on purpose. We think adults are better at telling jokes, better at sarcasm, better at being funny, but that’s not always true.

The proof is in these kids, who are at least as funny as the adults in the room – I’d bet my bottom dollar!

It is both clever and funny.

I’m insanely jealous of this deviously hilarious child.

My son drew this in 5th grade. Perhaps I’m biased but I thought it was clever and funny.
byu/Fatcatdaisy infunny

You love to see it.

Even if you’re the teachers, I bet you’d be impressed by this.

Kids work together to create eternal recess.
byu/tab527 infunny

They’re so adorable, aren’t they?

Just what you imagined when you saw their little faces for the first time.

Turned 40 today. My kids greeted me with this tradegy on my front porch……
byu/MilitusLetum infunny

Ah, the art of the jump scare.

A timeless classic for ANY season. Ho Ho HO!

My 9yr old left a surprise for my wife. Scaring the shit out of her when she checked the rear view. Kids….
byu/Johnnyoneshot infunny

At least he’s not missing you?

It’s a good thing, really. This can only help kids, right?

Camp requires kids to write a letter home after the first week
byu/I_Killed_My_Friends infunny

It’s abstract art, really.

He belongs in a museum. A fart museum.

This kid was a fart for Halloween.
byu/toddminus infunny

She sees what she sees.

Don’t question the artist’s eye. She’s unencumbered by things like privacy.

My daughter got a camera for a birthday. One of the first things she did with it was to barge in the bathroom and take a pic of me taking a dump.
byu/theard7 infunny

These are quite good.

Especially the DeVito. Quality DeVito.

Most kids draw dragons and animals and battles and shit, my little cousin draws Danny Devito and Dr Phil 🤦‍♀️🙄
byu/Just_Dallas infunny

I’m pretty sure she could sell this to Hallmark.

I’d buy it for a dollar. Or two. Or ten.

My daughter roasted me for fathers day. I couldn’t be more proud
byu/magnus_ubergasm infunny

See what I mean? These kids are hilariously on point. The whole lot of them!

Can we get all of these tots in a program to ensure that they become comedy writers? Because THAT will make them happy later on in life.


Do you have a funny kiddo? Share their latest hijinks with us in the comments.