It seems that – for most parents, anyway – online school has been full of more downs than ups. We’re trying to manage school along with our own careers, or are running back and forth putting out fires, or our kid’s first grade classroom has gotten way more of a glimpse into our personal life than they probably wanted.

So, we’re due for something hilariously awesome to happen, right?

Little Delaney Jones was making a tutorial on making some kind of Christmas craft. Her mom Jennifer says she often makes them just for fun, or to send to her friends or just to watch herself later.

Image Credit: Facebook

Her father did not realize that this particular tutorial was meant for her teacher, and thought it would be funny to dance, wiggle, clap, sing, and swing a toddler around in the background.

I mean, even her older brother gets in on the action.

“I was checking Delaney’s Seesaw (app for school) and she often will send her teachers random videos wishing them well, or goodnight, or just talking to talk.

Well…I found this as a sent video from earlier today.

I hope her teacher laughed as hard as I did.

How’s your distance learning going?”

These dance moves are seriously a sight to behold, but Delaney herself – cool as a cucumber in the midst of absolute male-created madness – is really the star of the show.

Image Credit: Facebook

She’s focused on her craft and just keeps going, breaking off here and there to introduce the dancers and other interruptions, and once for a giggle.

Girlfriend is going places in live with focus like that!

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I hope her teacher laughed so hard and then realized she’s in the right line of work after all – I don’t know how you could watch that and not crack up.

Dad’s got some moves!

If you’re watching this, I hope it also reminds you to be silly and have fun with your kiddos.

This has been a trying time for all of us and we can all use the smile.